Battle in 5 minutes to save Eriksen’s life


International newspapers praised the quick and effective work of the medical staff, who saved the life of Danish national team star Christian Eriksen, during a meeting with Finland, on Saturday, at the start of the two teams’ European Cup campaign.
According to the Spanish newspaper, “Marca”, whoever witnessed the moments of fall and the first aid given to the 29-year-old player, may consider that the process was simple, easy and flawless.

“The swift and efficient work of the medical staff must be commended, as in just under 20 minutes, the necessary first aid was provided and the player was put on board an ambulance and taken to hospital in a stable condition.”

The protocol states in such cases, according to the Spanish newspaper, that the first thing to do is to check whether the player is breathing and whether he has a pulse.

And if this is not the case, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) should be performed. Looking at the images they followed, the defibrillator was used to treat Eriksen’s arrhythmias.”

In such cases, the defibrillator plays a crucial role, as it gives an indication of when the electrical charge is discharged, until the manual performance begins, which we saw on TV.

Then, once the situation is stable, the player is taken to the hospital. In the pictures circulating, Eriksen can be seen wearing an oxygen mask, which aims to regulate the oxygen he received.

And “Marca” revealed that after the implementation of the protocol and the stabilization of the health situation, the Danish player needs to conduct analyzes to find out the future causes and effects, and he will also be subject to an examination of the new Corona virus, given that the latter is able to cause blood clots that lead to heart attacks.


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