Batelco doubles actual cable capacity in preparation for future requirements


The capacity of Batelco Gulf Network Cables (BGN) has recently been increased, which is working to provide the Gulf countries with communication solutions that connect them with the countries of the region and the rest of the world, in cooperation with the “Sina” company. The move came to meet the requirements of Batelco’s customers and international telecom network operators in obtaining the required capacity and a reliable high-bandwidth connection.

The Batelco Gulf Network (BGN), which was launched in 2018, consists of 1,400 km of fiber-optic cables that connect the Gulf countries to the Middle East and the world through a single network owned and operated by Batelco.

With a capacity of more than 17.6Tbps through core and shielded cable, Batelco’s Gulf network has been able to keep pace with the growth in the level of data traffic in the region, which comes as a result of launching new and innovative digital services related to the field of data, content and communication services (OTT), in addition to Internet of Things (IoT) technology and the fifth generation network. E-commerce, mobile payments, and managed services also played a major role in driving data traffic.

The recent upgrade of the network has doubled the actual capacity of the cables, which enhances its readiness to meet the future requirements associated with global data transmissions and give customers higher levels of speed, performance and reliability, in addition to increasing its scalability and expansion. In addition, this upgrade supports telecom operators to have greater flexibility in managing their communications as well as offering cost-effective solutions.

Speaking about the cooperation, Mr. Ezz El-Din Mansouri, General Manager of Sina in the Middle East, said: “Customers in the consumer and corporate sectors in the Gulf countries continue to seek broadcast and content services that require high-speed connectivity. Its upgrade will contribute Batelco, in cooperation with SINA (NYSE:CIEN), a company specialized in network systems, services and software, keeps pace with the demand for communication needs that have a role in improving the digital experience of subscribers in the region.

On his part, Mr. Hani Askar, Acting General Manager of Global Business at Batelco, said: “At Batelco, we are very pleased to continue our work with Sina to develop and upgrade Batelco’s Gulf Network (BGN) cabling capacity and keep pace with the increasing demand from the market and the growing demand for The Manama-IX platform and the Global Zone platform.Batelco is keen on adopting the latest technologies, software and advanced solutions to meet the requirements of customers in increasing network capacity and obtaining an exceptional experience at high speeds.The Gulf network is characterized by its ability to transfer large volumes of traffic. There is a huge amount of data and our efforts are focused on ways to continue developing the network in order to prepare to keep pace with the growth of traffic within the Internet Protocol “IP.”

Mr. Hani added, “Batelco’s Gulf network cables have a high level of protection, which is one of its main advantages, as it uses double lanes along the main cable path to provide more flexibility. By leveraging Sina’s expertise, we will be able to implement our vision of Making this network the best choice among the rest of the submarine cables, in addition to its scalability and short response time among the Gulf countries.”

Hani Askar concluded: “Batelco’s vision has always been to invest in building a suitable digital ecosystem consisting of international submarine cables, certified Tier III data centers and Batelco Gulf Network (BGN). This system supports the digital transformation journey of customers, in addition to supporting the development of the digital economy in the Kingdom of Bahrain.”


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