Bank employees support Thursday’s strike


The Executive Council of the Federation of Banks Employees Syndicates in Lebanon considered, in a statement today, that “the banking sector is one of the sectors most affected by the lack of a rescue government that handles the financial crisis and the issue of public debt that swallowed depositors’ money, and it is re-negotiating with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in order to Understanding on a reform plan through which financial policies can be launched that restore the confidence of the Lebanese and the international community in our banking sector.

The Council announced its support for the decision of the General Labor Union to declare a general strike on Thursday, June 17, 2021.” It appealed to all banking departments, “and in the interest of continued cooperation and coordination between the two production parties in the banking sector, to respond to the call of the General Union and to agree to stop work in all departments and branches in All regions, in solidarity with the demand of the General Union, to expedite the formation of an important government.”


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