Balqis shines with a soft look in a blue dress and makeup


Rabat – Morocco today

The Emirati star underwent Bilqis Fathi for a new photo session, in which she looked differently, and as a result won the audience’s approval, after she wore a blue dress, amid widespread praise for her beauty. Balqis published photos of that session, through her account inInstagramThe dress was designed by “Aden Fashion”, and the makeup was done by beauty expert Safaa Al-Muslim, while he worked on the hairdresser “Beauty Masters”, for Wissam and Joseph. As it was in the past, where one of the followers said in a comment: “The old sweet Bilqis, come back to her.”

Some described Belqis, in that look, as “Barbie”, while some of the comments stated: “What is this beauty, my heart”, “I love this look”, “Oh, mother of the blue dress, your dress likes me?” An angel in human form.

And recently, the artist, Belqis Fathi, published a video clip of her dancing to the tunes of her song “Dodom”, with the dance coach, to challenge her audience, about who can imitate her show moves. Her coach, and she excelled greatly in coordinating movements, and commented: “The Dudom Challenge from Dubai on Tik Tok.” Balqis asked her followers to participate in this challenge, which is standing on a rubber ball in a balanced manner, without falling.

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