Azar to Basil: You are demonizing Geagea to sanctify Nasrallah


Dr. Charbel Azar made the following statement: 1 – In his conference yesterday, the head of the “Strong Lebanon” bloc, Representative Gibran Bassil, said that he does not want to enter the government, and does not want anything from it, and does not want to give it confidence and leaves the matter to the President of the Republic, at the same time he spent more than half an hour talking about the government and its formation Standards, texts and assets.

Can someone explain to us this contradiction, duplicity and schizophrenia? Is he concerned or not interested in forming a government? Of course, he says one thing and harbors other things that are no longer hidden and do not deceive anyone.

2- As usual, and whenever he is unable to talk about the present and the future due to his lack of achievements and prospects, Representative Bassil brings us back to digging up the past and returns to the Taif Agreement in 1990, to remind us of the powers lost by the President of the Republic. Wasn’t the Taif Agreement a product of the war of liberation that was fought under the slogan of loosening the nail and “breaking the head” of the head of the Syrian regime at the time, so the Syrian nail was fixed and the head of Lebanese legitimacy flew? The truth is, of course, “and as always” over internal and cosmic conspiracies.

And just to remind you, the Taif Agreement and the Arab initiatives that preceded it, the mediation of Lakhdar Brahimi, and the guarantees of the tripartite committee, i.e. Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Morocco, all of this preceded by months the war of abolition, and internal disputes have nothing to do with reaching Taif. I mean, the Taif Agreement was the result of the individual decision to wage a war of liberation, and no one else is responsible for reaching this agreement except the one who made the decision to wage war.

3- In any case, the Taif constitution gave the President of the Republic the absolute right to accept, reject and amend all the names put forward by the designated president in his government formation, and entering into any quotas, be it a third or a half or what is in between, is a complete abandonment of the powers of the President of the Republic, just as happened. With the Taif Agreement, thanks to the war of liberation.
The wise man is not stung twice from the same hole.

4 – Then, His Excellency Deputy Bassil completed, your statement has concluded. You will not take us from us with pressure, people’s pain and their crises, nor with sanctions from the whole world that you have not taken from us from 2005 to today.

We tell you, take your time, Mr. Deputy, you and “Strong Lebanon”, do not rush. A month, two months, a year, two years, we are a people who do not care about pain, nor pressure, nor crises, nor penalties, nor food, nor medicine, nor fuel, nor medicine, nor hospitalization, nor work, nor wages.

By the way, did you listen to the sermon of His Beatitude Patriarch Al-Rahi? Yesterday, before your conference, he said, “We are not complaining about a lack of authority, but about a lack of responsibility.” And by chance, between Taif and today there are two great patriarchs who see the interest of Lebanon and Christians in it other than what you see completely.” Perhaps you are more keen on Lebanon, the church, heritage, history, role and mission than them!!!

5 – Withholding speech in your conference. Your approach was to Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, asking him to solve the government’s dilemma, and that you are satisfied with what he decides, and he has the final say.
And you asked him to be the judge!!!

The Taif constitution made the President of the Republic the head of the state, the head of institutions, the head of the authorities, and the “arbiter” above all.

You belittled him and made him a party,” and you called on the actual ruler to save you from your predicaments. And you talk about your strength and your ability to regain powers with your own strength???

In any case, the sign of your roadmap for the future was demonizing Geagea, as you called him to be polite, to sanctify His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah as you called him your dhimmis, for the benefit of Christians and their unity to restore their rights.

6 – His Excellency the Representative, the war of liberation brought to Taif and canceled some powers. The exercise of His Excellency the President’s team in the presidency today loses it what remains of its powers and makes the president a picture on the wall as you said in your conference, and on the third method is fixed, what will we lose after until you reach the block presidency again? I fear that we will lose our free existence for the sake of your free current.


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