AYANA Holding launches Work Bay, the newest business incubator in Dubai


WorkPay offers a wide range of support services and a shared space for collaborative work, providing an enabling environment for start-ups and regular businesses to grow and thrive

Work Bay aims to contribute to the development of a thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem in the United Arab Emirates, which attracts foreign direct investment and contributes to job creation.

Ideally located in the middle of Dubai, the company is a hidden gem and a magnet for aspiring entrepreneurs, the self-employed and employees of large corporations alike. In addition to its beautifully designed offices, fresh coffee and healthy snacks, Work Bay specializes in providing co-working spaces for start-ups and entrepreneurs to connect with industry leaders and grow with the support of the Ayana Holdings network. “.

Early-stage startups need new capabilities to face the changing digital and environmental future, such as workshops, development strategies, and commercial support. WorkPay allows entrepreneurs to gain professional access to expert speakers, networking events, meeting rooms, cloud computing packages, and top-notch global mentorship from prominent industry leaders. They will also have the opportunity to present their presentations and ideas to the Board of Directors of Ayana Holding, who will then carefully select a startup that they support, invest in, and help develop its business and activities on a large scale.

Commenting on the importance of the role of startups, he said Abdullah bin Lahej, co-founder of Ayana Holding: “Startups help solve complex problems facing humanity and develop solutions that affect people’s lives in a positive way. Hence our commitment to supporting the entrepreneur community by connecting them with the best available from Resources, mentorship, connections, and everything they need to succeed and thrive.”

As part of its ongoing efforts to help aspiring entrepreneurs translate their ideas into reality, Ayana Holdings recently announced a partnership with California-based private information platform Apsy to allow WorkBay members to access Apsy. And develop and design their mobile applications without complicated technical conditions.

This business incubator represents Ayana Holding’s commitment to playing an important role in promoting a thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem in the United Arab Emirates, which contributes to supporting the country’s efforts in attracting foreign direct investment, and creating economic and job opportunities for citizens and residents alike.

The UAE continues to support small and medium-sized businesses in the region through various initiatives and programmes, including the recently launched crowdfunding platform Dubai Next, in addition to the new Commercial Companies Law, which came into effect on June 1, 2021, allowing For foreigners, 100% ownership of companies in the United Arab Emirates.

وعبّر Hamid Krishian, co-founder of Ayana Holding, said about this move, saying: “In line with the initiatives taken by the United Arab Emirates, our “Work Bay” initiative that supports startups provides a vibrant environment that contributes to supporting cooperation and networking, and puts the best of “Ayana” Holding “a resource at serving tomorrow’s business leaders to translate their visions into successful projects.”

WorkPay includes many successful startups such as XPLOR; and PropTech, the smart software for virtual mapping and urban planning. The technology startup WorkBay has received has received $3 million in funding to accelerate the digitization of the real estate sector using one of the most advanced technologies in the world.

M2L Concepts, an interactive entertainment company, is another success story sourced from Ayana Holdings and hosted by Work Bay. Through the extensive network and extensive support provided by the business incubator, M2L has been able to acquire new technologies and forge immersive experiences that transcend the digital and physical worlds. The M2L was crowned the winner of the “Genius in Design and Entertainment” award at the Middle East Design Awards 2020.

This unique place is equipped with everything that facilitates your working life, where you can sit quietly for a cup of coffee and eat some healthy snacks in the fashion-based café or in the garden that is a great haven, and you can also attend networking events or art exhibitions to meet new people, Helping you breathe life into your new startup from the high-end offices available, you can also sit back, relax and enjoy the Rio Parrot, giving you the perfect environment to de-stress on a busy work day.

وقال Mr. Ravi Sobia, Managing Director, Workbay: “We are moving towards a future business model that is not only about work, but also about wellness, nature and social harmony. A productive mind is a balanced mind, and we are here to facilitate your working life.”

With the growth of remote work, co-working spaces are gaining more attention, as people seek to find a flexible working atmosphere that provides the required physical distancing in a non-competitive environment. It is very likely that these co-working spaces will remain and grow in our lives.

Work Bay by Ayana Holdings, Zabeel Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Working hours: from Saturday to Thursday from 9 am to 7 pm. [email protected]

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