Asharq Al-Awsat: France informs Lebanese politicians that parliamentary elections will take place on time



Sharif Karim

Lebanese Parliament, file photo

A European diplomatic source revealed that Paris informed the Lebanese leaders that the parliamentary elections will be held on time in May 2022, and that the dispute over the electoral law will not hinder the achievement of this entitlement.

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Lebanon is taking steps

The source told Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that “the failure to agree on a new election law does not justify postponing or relaying the elections,” adding that “the delay in achieving this entitlement means that Lebanon is going to a void in the legislative authority that could withdraw to a similar vacuum in the presidency Republic”.

The diplomatic source pointed out that “the international support group is considering taking a supportive stance for Paris’ insistence on holding the parliamentary elections on time, which includes a direct warning to the ruling system of the serious political damage to Lebanon if it is decided to postpone it, because it leads to an extension of the crisis.” Those who obstruct the completion of the elections from the sanctions awaiting them, which will not be only French, but international par excellence.”

On the other hand, the source said that “French support for the military establishment in Lebanon aims to maintain it with other security forces to play its role in maintaining stability,” considering that “French investment in security is in order to preserve the last remaining features of the state that has completely collapsed.” “.

The source revealed that Paris is preparing to hold an international conference to support the military institution while waiting to facilitate the formation of the government as a condition for Lebanon to receive aid that contributes to alleviating the suffering of the Lebanese.

Source: Middle East


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