Asala shines in a dress inspired by the Al-Ula region


The actress starred authenticity On a special occasion in a ceremony held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, she wore a dress inspired by the AlUla civilization, by the Saudi Raheemez label for the two sisters, Wad and Shahd Al-Rahimi.

Asala shines in a dress inspired by the Al-Ula region

Shahd spoke to “Madam”, and she said: “It was an unspeakable happiness while we were working on the design of the beautiful artist Asala’s dress, heart and soul. Her outer beauty was a mirror of the reality of her inner beauty.” A masterpiece known to time in the Arabian Peninsula, which is the (Al-Ula) region, a design that reflects different civilizations and a mirror that reflects creativity throughout history from rock carvings and beautiful golden sand embodied in a beautiful piece of art that Asala wore.

Wad Shahd Al-Rahimi with the artist Asala

And about the inspiration of the two sisters, Al-Rahimi, Shahd said: “We are inspired by our designs from God’s creativity in His creation, from all parts of our precious kingdom. Their beauty and diversity enrich our imagination and stimulate our creative process.”

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