Asala Nasri ignores her sister’s attack, and followers respond


Mina Observatory – Syria

While “Reem Nasri” tries to publish the details of her dispute with her sister, the Syrian artist, “Asala Nasri”, the latter ignores her sister’s attack, as she did not comment on the attack on any of her official pages on social networking sites, although Reem crossed her limits in speaking with her.

Although “Reem”‘s attack on “Asala” was met with widespread criticism by her followers in defense of the Syrian star, she is still trying to provoke her sister.

Reem recently posted on her Instagram account a picture of a medical analysis, in an attempt to express her feelings towards her sister, commenting suggesting that the clouds covered the blood connection.

The audience’s comments were shocking and defending “Asala”, as one of the followers said: “I do not allow you to write about Sola like this.”

Another commented, saying: “As usual, you make a mistake, and then you come back and apologize for his authenticity in front of people, hug me, kiss and remember her advantages after you distort her image in front of people. Sorry, you try to distort her and fail and come back after a month or a year. On the contrary, in order for you to be a better person and to know how to speak, speak, write and solve your psychological contract.. it is not normal in its authenticity. I may not tolerate betrayals and stabs from the air and from the ground, and if I am from Asala alone like you, I would not even give her a second chance! Come on, what God has to do, O Asala.”

For her part, Asala was silent and published on her personal account on “Instagram” the promo of the song “We love you”, which she dedicates to Egypt and the Egyptian people, and commented on the video by saying: “Wait for the song “We love you” in a few hours on my official YouTube channel.”


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