Asala is exposed to a surprising situation from a fan during her concert in Saudi Arabia: “Swear” (video)


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An admirer of the artist surprised Asala by expressing his love for her publicly, during a large concert in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which was launched last Thursday, and is the first after the concerts returned again after a period of hiatus due to the “Corona” virus.

One of the attendees at the party said out loud without introductions: “Asala, I love you.”

Asala appeared to the audience who was waiting for her, to ignite the enthusiastic atmosphere of the theater, as usual, after the Kuwaiti artist Nabil Shuail sang for about two hours.

In her speech before singing, Asala said: “It is an opportunity to hold concerts of this kind so that people can enjoy music and the artist’s meeting with people has a more beautiful impact on people’s hearts than what they see on TV.”

And she continued, “I think that we in Saudi Arabia have a very high commitment capacity so that we can enjoy and I want to thank” Rotana “for the effort and for this adventure, and thanks to the Entertainment Authority and to Abu Nasser, His Excellency Chancellor Turki Al Sheikh that there are always solutions and I am very happy that we came back to meet and today the first day is very scared and I am looking forward and happy A lot is that he has seen a place and with a great institution that is able to preserve this law so that we can enjoy and continue with the parties.”

The Riyadh concert season opened after a break of more than a year due to the emerging crisis of the Corona epidemic, the artist Nabil Shuail and Asala, sponsored by the Saudi General Authority for Entertainment.

Hundreds of Saudis attended Thursday evening, the first such evening in the capital, eager for openness and change, since the outbreak of the Corona virus in the Kingdom at the beginning of last year.

It is noteworthy that in late May, the General Entertainment Authority in Saudi Arabia announced the return of entertainment activities, according to health conditions and protocols approved by the Public Health Authority to prevent the Corona virus.

The authority stipulated “immunization” to enter these entertainment events through the “Tawakkalna” application, and the attendance rate was limited to 40%, and also added that the sale of tickets would be electronic only for all events.


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