Artificial intelligence determines the perfect perfume scent


Artificial intelligence has entered the world of cosmetics, and brands have launched products that can be tailored to each person, in an effort to attract customers who want to stand out.

And it is now possible to determine the most appropriate scent, thanks to what the small perfume house “Siag” offers, which was founded in 2017. In its elegant showroom in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, the house founded by Maxime García Janan offers a fragrance formulated according to almost everyone’s inclinations.


In the showroom, there are 67 types of ingredients used in the composition of perfumes, which customers will smell, such as myrrh, hazelnut, bergamot and salt flower. Siaj uses an algorithm that records its customers’ favorite scents, then gradually selects the perfect fragrance for each one of the wide range of combinations created by perfumers.

Janan said that making these high-end perfumes focuses on people and their preferences, or what is known as “Industry 3.0”.

Janan relies on an original perfume model that is not distributed in stores or stored, and most importantly, no marketing costs are spent on it, which constitutes an important element in the final price of the perfume.

Siaj uses all the technologies that are popular in the world of contemporary beauty, from artificial intelligence to online ordering, through the Instagram network, through which it is directed to the public… The fragrance is shipped to the customer with a sample to try, and if necessary, he can return it to the house.

“We keep pace with the increasing trend of online demand, and our idea is to make Parisian luxury perfumes accessible to everyone, wherever they are,” the young entrepreneur said.

cosmetic technology

Both small and large brands have adopted new technologies. At the forefront is L’Oreal, the global cosmetics giant, whose CEO, Nicolas Hieronymus, like his predecessor Jean Paul Agon, relies on “cosmetic technology”.

The latest innovation in this field is a Bluetooth device that, thanks to its cartridge, allows the production of lipstick at home, depending on the mood or skin tone.

This device, called “Perso”, was launched in the United States for “Yves Saint Laurent” and can be extended to other types of makeup and care.

At Sephora stores, the skin can also be diagnosed using a device, then salespeople suggest appropriate care.

Often a person does not even need to move, they just have to turn on the selfie mode on their phone.

And on the Japanese website “Shiseido”, an algorithm suggests the appropriate products to treat the customer’s problems after determining the level of redness and dryness of his skin.

The same applies to Nivea Skin Guide, which gives a person the “age” of their skin.

For now, making it as needed is still a small part of cosmetics, but the trend is expected to grow, according to industry experts.

The idea is to attract customers in mature markets, such as Western Europe, where cosmetics sales are stagnating, or to attract new Asian customers.


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