Art leads children and young people to draw their own animated characters


The “Fan” Foundation, which is concerned with promoting and supporting media art for children and young people in the UAE, recently organized an animation workshop, through the application of visual communication “Zoom”, in which Emirati trainer Jamila Ibrahim was hosted, who provided a body of knowledge related to the foundations of animation using Photoshop.
The workshop included many cognitive explanations, practical applications, and animation of characters using “Photoshop” and “iMovie”, which is used to apply animation effects to drawings. Ibrahim briefed the participants on ways to create characters, and put kinetic effects in terms of colors, lines, and others.
The trainer presented a series of models that she worked on, and instructed the audience on how to make them, starting with the basic design, synthesis of images, and ending with the application of effects. She introduced the participants to the aesthetic conditions that give the work an exceptional creative dimension.
Fann aims to nurture and prepare a promising generation of creative artists and filmmakers, promote new artwork and films produced by children and young adults in the UAE, and present them at film festivals and international conferences around the world. It also aims to support and encourage talent through festivals and conferences. And workshops at the local and international levels, in addition to providing an interconnected network of talented and promising youth, enabling them to exchange experiences and expertise on a global scale.


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