Are antibodies arising after illness different from those generated after vaccination?


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Are antibodies arising after illness different from those generated after vaccination?


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Dr. Yevgeny Timakov, an infectious disease and vaccination specialist, revealed how antibodies after infection or after vaccination protect the body from the emerging coronavirus, and which of them are more effective.

In an interview with Radio “Sputnik”, the Russian specialist explains how antibodies protect the body, after vaccination or after recovering from illness.

He points out that the “Sputnik V” vaccine constitutes protection against the S protein, which is present on the surface of the virus because it is “responsible” for penetration into the cell.

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He says, “After recovering from the disease, antibodies are formed to various components of the virus. Some of these components are more aggressive than others. For example, protein S is the most important for the emerging coronavirus. The vaccine forms antibodies to this protein, so that the virus cannot penetrate into cells.”

He adds, the antibodies that arise in the body after vaccination are more effective than those that arise after infection with the emerging coronavirus.

He says, “After entering the body, the virus produces antibodies to all its components, and this happens when the immune system is in good condition. But if it is weak and the virus crosses the immune barriers, the resulting antibodies will not be of “high quality”. After recovering from the disease, the antibodies are formed. If the course of the disease is moderate in severity, but in the case of the acute form of the course of the disease, that is, when the virus crosses the immune barriers, the antibodies are not always formed. “.

The specialist notes that no conflict can occur between the antibodies arising after vaccination and those that arose as a result of the disease. But if the number of antibodies in the body is high, then there is no need to vaccinate the person in the near future.

He says, “After recovering from the disease, there is no harm from vaccination, but rather the immune system is strengthened and the body is protected from the most dangerous components of the virus. And if the antibodies in the body after recovering from the disease are many in number, it indicates the formation of good immunity, so there is no need for vaccination during the next six months.”

Source: RIA Novosti


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