Arabic calligraphy.. Flying with Saudi wings


It was nice to celebrate the year of Arabic calligraphy, which recently brought together the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Saudi Arabian Airlines, and resulted in decorating the planes of Saudi Airlines with phrases in Arabic calligraphy, not to mention writing the names of passengers on boarding passes in beautiful Arabic calligraphy on two of its international flights.What happened was a milestone in the process of supporting Arabic calligraphy, as it is an important highlight of one of the main areas of cultural identity, and will contribute to spreading awareness of the art of Arabic calligraphy and belonging in general in a creative visual way. This qualitative cooperation is a distinctive gesture that has a deep and important role in integrating culture with various sectors economic and social vitality.

For the record, this initiative was not an orphan, but was joined by several programs and activities, whether through presentation, design, interaction, and the involvement of the Saudi artist, al-Horofi and calligrapher in this initiative, with the consolidation of national identity in the world with Saudi privacy.

Perhaps such programs and activities can only reflect a real awareness of our identity and heritage and a clear keenness on the part of cultural bodies, institutions and the Ministry of Culture to realize the importance of the arts in creating aesthetic communication and establishing a footprint capable of strengthening the spirit of creation and cooperation between individuals, artists, institutions and sectors, especially that the Ministry is working seriously. To intensify communication outlets nationally and internationally by supporting artistic aesthetics in all its specializations for the sake of human communication between peoples, so that our planes fly with the Arabic calligraphy, spreading messages of love and peace, which show the world our most beautiful image and our lofty communication with our future ambitions with our fixed identity.

This constant concern for the national heritage is the bridge on which the work of the Saudi Ministry of Culture has been based during the recent period, as it expanded research and labor departments and opened its orbit for cooperation, so its activity became more diversified and flexible, covering all sectors and touching all regions.

All of this created a working atmosphere based on trust and cooperation in the audience, which ensures the importance of art and is capable of creating a real state of research compatible with all fields and sectors capable of proving the extent of the necessity of art in daily life and its ability to go beyond the diverse aesthetics, which Saudi Arabia abounds in its heritage Its cultural heritage and the energies of its children, who foresee the future through dialogue and openness.



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