Arab Youth Cup | Egypt and Algeria are at the fore… and show the strength of the Emirates and Morocco


The Arab Youth Cup kicked off today, Sunday, with four confrontations. The Egyptian team faced Niger, Morocco played Tajikistan, the UAE played Djibouti and Mauritania played Algeria.

The Egyptian team won two goals without a response, in the match between the two teams at the Cairo International Stadium, in the first group competitions.

The Egyptian youth team advanced with a goal in the 25th minute of the match, after the Niger defender interfered with his goalkeeper wrongly, and the ball entered the net.

Youssef Mohamed, the Egyptian national team player, added the second goal of the Pharaohs in the last minute of the calculated time instead of lost time, to end the hopes of Niger once and for all.

The Algerian team defeated its Mauritanian counterpart, 1-0, in the confrontation that took place in the first group competitions, at the Cairo International Stadium.

Algeria’s only goal came in the fifth minute of stoppage time, a few moments before the referee blew the final whistle, to snatch the desert warriors a precious victory.

Thus, the Egyptian team shares with its Algerian counterpart at the top of Group A with 3 points, and after them, Mauritania and Niger are without points.

The Moroccan team won a big victory over Tajikistan by six to one, in the confrontation that took place at the Arab Contractors Stadium in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, in the second group competition.

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Morocco’s goals were scored by “Omar Sadiq, Mohamed Raid (two goals), Bilal Al-Khanous, Hassan Akboub and Ilyas Bougaffer”, while the only goal of the Tajik team was scored by Khosrow Tahirov in the 66th minute.

In the second group competitions, the UAE achieved a huge victory over its counterpart Djibouti with eight goals without a response, in the confrontation that was held at a stadium, in a one-sided meeting.

Thus, the UAE team leads the second group with 3 points, followed by Morocco with the same balance, then Tajikistan third and Djibouti fourth without points.


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