Approving the formation of the first committee to combat commercial fraud in lubricants – Saudi News


The Federation of Saudi Chambers announced the formation of the first national committee specialized in lubricants and base oils in the Kingdom, in a move aimed at raising the efficiency of the sector of manufacturers and marketers of lubricants, developing it and improving its services to consumers, in appreciation of its importance in equipment, mechanisms and vehicles.

This comes after the union’s approval of a proposal submitted by a number of business owners to establish a committee called the “National Committee for Lubricants and Bases”, to take care of the affairs and issues of this important service sector.

The new committee held its first meeting at the headquarters of the Federation of Saudi Chambers, during which Engineer Samir bin Maatouq Nawar was elected as chairman of the committee, and Khaled bin Salah al-Tayeb and Abdullah bin Hammoud al-Ahmari as deputies, for the new session of the National Committees (1441-1444).

The directions and work of the committee were reviewed and discussed to serve the lubricant and foundation oil companies sector and its Saudi business investors.

Engineer Samir Nawar stressed that the formation of a committee specialized in lubricants and foundations is a necessity dictated by the importance of this vital service sector, adding that it will take on a package of files, the most important of which are improving the quality of products, localization, combating commercial fraud, consumer protection and equipment, awareness of original products and strengthening the capacity of national factories, as well as encouraging Use of recycled oils.

He considered that improving the quality of lubricant oil products will directly contribute to increasing sales of trusted companies by 15 to 20%, and save millions of riyals wasted due to commercial fraud practices.


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