Applications that Microsoft sacrificed in “Windows 11” .. Including Skype and Cortana


“Microsoft” sacrificed a number of applications in its new version “Windows”, which were available in previous versions.. What is the reason?

Today, Thursday evening, a conference was held to unveil Windows 11, the new generation of the most popular operating system from Microsoft.

In continuation to reveal the identity of the new system from Microsoft, experts on The Verge revealed a number of specifications and applications that Microsoft sacrificed and will not be available in Windows 11, after it was available in Windows 10.

This included Cortana, the personal digital assistant that was available in the previous Windows 10, as a smart assistant speaker similar to the Siri smart speaker on Apple devices.

Also, the Live Tiles application that Microsoft removed from the Start menu, and the feature of using Windows in tablet mode, and the OneNote feature that was part of Microsoft Office tools.

Among the applications that Microsoft has also sacrificed and will not be present in Windows 11, the Skype application for video chats, and the Paint 3D and 3D Viewer applications.

The website “The Verge” indicated that these applications were not disposed of by Microsoft forever, and they are available on the Microsoft e-store, it is only that they were not available in advance on the new Windows system.

The conference witnessed the unveiling of a number of new specifications that were added for the first time to Windows operating systems, which increased the distinction of version 11 at the expense of all previous versions of the famous Microsoft operating system.

The most prominent specifications that are available for the first time and are characterized by the version of Windows 11, included the Microsoft Teams application for video calls and text chats to the Start menu on the taskbar on the “Desktop”, in order to facilitate the use of this application with the click of a button.

This version was also distinguished by one of the features available for the first time, which is the feature of supporting content creators with donations through the Widgets application, either by electronic payment or by giving them Microsoft points.

The most prominent specifications that are available for the first time with the Windows 11 operating system, is the availability of Android applications for download and use through the Microsoft e-store, which has not been witnessed by any previous version of Windows operating systems.

In addition to allowing access to the Xbox games library and choosing any of the games available within this library for video game enthusiasts.


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