Apple unveils iOS 15 with new features for Messages, FaceTime, and more


revealed Apple company iOS 15 was unveiled, with a slew of new features, during its annual developer conference, where Apple said at the event that iOS 15 is about staying connected, finding focus, using intelligence and exploring the world, and here are some of the key features to reach the iPhone With iOS 15:

New Features for FaceTime

FaceTime on iPhone will get Spatial Audio support for a better audio experience, there will be a new network display for videos and Apple will for the first time allow Android and Windows users to join FaceTime calls from the web, and a new feature called SharePlay has been added and can be used to share content during FaceTime calls.

All new notifications

Apple also customizes how notifications are delivered on the iPhone, so when users enable Do Not Disturb, their status will be visible to others through the Messages app. Apple has revamped the notification design and the icons have been enlarged.

Photos app gets new features

New interactive memories features will be available in the Photos app, where new OCR features will be added to facilitate text recognition, and Apple said that it relies on artificial intelligence to automatically detect text images.


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