“Apple” unveiled the iOS 15 system and features that compete with “Zoom” and “Tims” in video conferences.


Apple on Monday announced plans to increase users’ privacy and keep their data out of the reach of other companies, and added features including expanded video conferencing and storing virtual government ID cards on iPhones.

The changes come at Apple’s annual global conference for software developers, some of whom complained about the company’s control over the applications that can appear on its devices, as well as its 15-30 percent commission on digital sales.

Many new features allow users to protect data. In many cases, Apple itself cannot see the information. The company has updated the paid version of the iCloud storage service to include a service that blocks the user’s browsing habits, even from Apple. Another feature of iCloud will allow users to hide their real email addresses. Apple said that the price of iCloud will not change with the addition of new features.

Apple has also modified some of its applications and services in a way that may increase its competition with the Zoom applications, affiliated with Zoom Video Communications, and Microsoft’s Teams. The use of the two apps has increased sharply during the pandemic. Apple has updated its FaceTime video chat application to allow arranging calls with more than one person and make the software compatible with Android and Windows devices.

New Features

As usual, Apple announced a package of the most important new features that will be launched in its new systems for iPhone and iPad devices, its smart watch and Mac devices.

The new systems that have been announced do not contain major or substantial updates, but rather additional features that contribute to improving the users’ experience of the system, knowing that “Apple” always announces the systems approximately three months before their launch so that developers can know the new features.

In the beginning, there was talk about the iOS15 system, which did not come with major improvements, but merely modifications that improved the user experience, as it maintained its appearance significantly, but a package of features was added, the most important of which is the ability to share the conversation link with anyone to be able to join directly even if He was using Android, so FaceTime calls won’t be exclusive to iOS. New features were supported in audio, such as surround sound, with support for a new feature, which is to hide sounds in the background to provide a better experience in the conversation while improving the video experience for users and offering them a new option, which is the ability to share any video or audio clip and listen to it with the other party through “Face time”.

Customize notifications

The conference announced the focus feature, which will contribute to the customization of notifications. Users will be able to customize alerts during the work period, as only notifications of colleagues, e-mail and family members appear, but they will disappear at home and turn into notifications from restaurants and the rest of the services according to the user’s customization.

A new feature was also announced that enables the user to read the texts inside the images and convert them to text without the need for other programs, as well as the system reading the images and knowing the texts in them, as the system will be able to know the phone numbers in the images and contact them directly with knowing the names of restaurants, for example, and showing Map locations in a simple and easy way.

In the “Safari” application, the company announced new improvements with the introduction of a new design that facilitates access to the controls with one hand, and the tabs bar will be at the bottom of the screen, and the user will be able to navigate between tabs in a new way by swiping left and right, in addition to new services that contribute in maintaining privacy.

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big move

One of the most prominent changes that will surely constitute a major shift for users is the addition of new features to the Wallet application, or as Apple calls it Wallet, which is the addition of digital cards, for example, if your home supports the smart lock. Your iPhone, and you can also add a business card and log in and out of work through the phone with the ability to add your government cards and a large number of cards to the application and benefit from them easily. Hotels will be able to digitally send room access cards to guests, and the card will be delivered to your smartphone even before you arrive at the hotel.

As for the new features of the “iPad” devices, the company announced the official launch of “widgets”, which are small windows with some specific information that you can place on the main screen of the “iPad”, in addition to a new way to move between applications in a faster way than the current one.

The user will be able to divide the iPad screen into three sections in an easier way than before with the launch of the focus feature that will enable the customization of notifications, in addition to improving the “Safari” browser, and adding new features to it, such as support for extensions and support for the voice search feature.

The most important feature of the “iPad” was the support for the programming language of Apple, called Swift, whereby developers will be able to develop their applications on the “iPad” devices, and you will be able to develop a complete application that works on the “iPhone” and “iPad” devices. From the iPad, knowing that there are no future details about Apple’s intention to support other programming languages ​​on the iPad.

The translation application for “Apple” was supported, and it became compatible with the “iPad”, and it will provide a new experience for users, as the feature of translating conversations will be supported directly and many features that will enable the user to communicate with anyone regardless of the language due to the new translation features.

Mac devices also got a new system, Monterey, which offers a large package of features, as the feature to customize notifications and focus has been supported with support for the new features of the “Facetime” application with improvements in the “Safari” application such as improved tabs and new privacy options.

iPad and Mac integration

The conference also announced better integration between the iPad and Mac devices, where the user can control the iPad through the Mac’s mouse, and even type texts through the Mac’s keyboard. And all these features interact automatically by simply dragging the mouse to the “iPad” without the need to connect directly to it, but as soon as the “iPad” and “Mac” have one account on “iCloud”.

As for the Airplay To Mac feature, it will enable the user to share the contents from his devices to the “Mac” devices directly, for example, but not limited to, you will be able to share any video clip with the “Mac” device directly from the “iPhone”, and you will be able to share the audio clip from the “Mac” iPhone to Mac directly, as is currently the case, with content sharing from Apple devices to Apple TV through Airplay.

At the conference, the company discussed the possibility of recovering the iCloud account by adding a “trusted person” who provides you with a code to retrieve your account, and you can specify a person to take your data after death.

health app

The Health application also got new features, the most important of which is the ability to share health data with any doctor, and this doctor will be able to access comprehensive statistics about the user such as heart rate, movement, and others. And the iPhone will be able to track your steps and know if you are walking correctly or will the way you walk contribute to your fall or injury? Parents will also be able to share their health condition with their children, and in the event of any problem for them, alerts will be sent to the children directly.

The new systems will be released beta, and will be available to everyone soon, but we do not recommend downloading trial versions because they often carry some defects that may cause hardware problems that may force the user to erase all his device data. The systems will be officially available to users after three months, and it may be officially available to everyone at the end of next September.

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