Apple pays millions of dollars to a woman after technicians posted explicit videos from her phone


Apple paid a multimillion-dollar settlement to an Oregon woman after company technicians uploaded explicit videos online from her phone she sent them to fix.

According to the British newspaper, The Telegraph, the woman, whose name has not been revealed, sent her iPhone to an authorized outlet in Sacramento, California, for repair on January 14, 2016, but technicians there posted clips A scandalous video on the lady’s account on Facebook and other sites on the Internet.

This caused the woman to suffer “severe psychological distress”, as she appeared to be the one who posted these videos on purpose.

The woman sued Apple, and the company decided to pay her a multi-million dollar settlement.

“We take the privacy and security of our customers’ data very seriously and have a number of protocols in place to ensure data is protected throughout the phone repair process,” an Apple spokesperson said.

“When we became aware of this egregious violation of our policies at one of our authorized outlets in 2016, we took immediate action and strengthened our protection protocols,” he added.

Apple has repeatedly stressed the security of its repair services, and has argued against laws that would allow consumers to make repairs to their phones in non-affiliated locations.


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