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Omar Shuwail – Jeddah iPhone 13 Pro Max, is the latest smart phone that will be launched in the market in the coming period, and Apple hopes that the mobile will achieve the success achieved by the phones iPhone 12, which also included iPhone 12 Pro, and phone iPhone 12 Pro MaxAnd it will be the most expensive phone in the world, but this is due to the quality of the manufacturing and the durability of the materials from which it will be made. The most famous Apple phones in the Arab Gulf region and Egypt are considered by many citizens of Arab countries as a manifestation of progress and keeping pace with the times and boast about them in front of their peers The mobile phone has a large screen protected by strong glass that is resistant to breakage and scratches, the mobile refresh rate is 120 Hz, and the phone supports face print technology, and we will learn through thaqafni news site, On iPhone 13 Pro Max price and specifications In Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Arab countries.

iPhone 13 Pro Max specifications

contains mobile iPhone 13 Pro Max It has very impressive specifications, strength and durability, which are as follows:-

  1. The phone supports NFC technology.
  2. It will come with a single SIM, or two Nano Sims, depending on the countries.
  3. Supports the operation of the 5G network, which is the latest communication network in the world.
  4. The front of the mobile is made of glass, and the frame of the mobile is made of steel, so it is considered one of the strongest stainless steel rounds.
  5. Supports payment services through MasterCard or Visa Card.
  6. The phone comes with the latest versions of the Apple A14 Bionic processor, and it works with 5 nanometer technology, and it comes with an Apple 4-Core graphics processor (GPU).
  7. The phone comes with the latest Wi-Fi version, Wi-Fi 6, and supports Hotspot.
  8. It comes with the latest Bluetooth version, version 5.0, and supports A2DP, LE, and aptX HD.
  9. Supports geographic positioning through GPS technology, and supports various navigation systems.
  10. It supports many sensors, including the Face ID sensor, the accelerometer sensor, the gyro, the proximity, the compass, the barometer, and the natural Siri.
  11. It has a USB 2.0 Type-C port, and supports the ON-The-Go feature.
  12. iOS 15 mobile operating system.
  13. It comes in several colors, namely black, silver, gold, white, and blue.

Battery, sound and memory specifications

The mobile battery has great and great specifications, which are as follows:-

  1. It comes with a powerful battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh, which supports fast charging and wireless charging of 25 watts, and the mobile supports reverse wireless charging of 20 watts, the battery works 24 hours when playing videos on the mobile, and works 14 when playing videos through the Internet, and works 90 hours on Play the audios.
  2. The phone comes in three types of versions, the first type comes with a solid memory of 128 MB, the second comes with a solid memory of 256 MB, and the third comes with an area of ​​512 MB.
  3. The phone comes in two versions in terms of random memory size, the first comes with 6 MB of random access memory, and the second comes with 8 MB of RAM.
  4. It comes with a secondary microphone to be used to isolate noise and noise while using the mobile phone.
  5. It has a stereo speaker, so the phone’s sound is pure and strong, in addition to that, it supports Dolby Atmos.

iPhone 13 Pro Max screen specifications

contains a phone screen شاشة iPhone 13 Pro Max It has many wonderful specifications, which are as follows:-

  • The phone screen comes with a Super Retina XDR OLED type.
  • The pixel density of the screen is 409 pixels per inch.
  • The refresh rate of the phone screen is 120 Hz.
  • Screen brightness is 800 lumens.
  • The screen space is very large, with an area of ​​6.3 inches.
  • The screen resolution is 2532*1170 pixels.
  • Supports new display dimensions of 19.5:9 so that larger content is displayed.
  • The screen occupies 86.6% of the mobile front end.
  • It comes with scratch-resistant glass, and an oil-resistant coating, so it is considered one of the strongest smartphones in terms of durability.
  • Supports HDR10+ and Dolby Vision.

iPhone 13 Pro Max camera specifications

The phone comes with a large number of cameras, 6 rear cameras, and 2 front cameras, and their specifications are as follows:-

First: – The rear camera of the mobile phone is hexagonal, the accuracy of the first camera is 24 mega-pixels, which is of the wide type, so it is used in wide photography, and it is the primary camera of the phone, and it supports the optical stabilizer OIS, and the second camera has a resolution of 20 mega-pixels, which is for ultrawide photography. ), so it is used in ultra-wide photography, image zoom, supports optical stabilizer, zoom without loss of image quality, and the third camera has a resolution of 16 megapixels of the telephoto type, and supports the Optical Zoom feature, and the fourth camera has a accuracy of 12 megapixels, and is used in the work of portrait and isolation It is called night mode, and the fifth camera has 8-megapixel accuracy, and the sixth has 5-megapixel accuracy, supports HDR, LED Flash Panorama, supports 4K photography, 1080p photography, supports gyro-EIS, and Dolby Vision HDR, and stereo sound.

Secondly:- The front camera of the mobile is dual, the first camera has a resolution of 16 megapixels, which is of the wide type, so it supports wide photography, and the second camera has a accuracy of 12 megapixels, so the front cameras support 4K shooting, or 1080p photography.

iPhone 13 Pro Max price

We will get to know iPhone 13 Pro Max price In Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the approximate Arab countries, it is as follows:-

  • The price of the mobile in Saudi Arabia is 6000 Saudi riyals.
  • The price of the phone in Egypt is 26 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • The price of the mobile in the UAE is 5800 dirhams.
  • The price of the phone in US dollars is 1600 dollars.

iPhone 13 Pro Max features

  1. The external speakers support stereo sound, so they give us clear and great sound.
  2. The phone screen is strong and has a large area, so it gives us a great view while watching videos and browsing the Internet.
  3. Mobile cameras are of high quality and give us amazing photos and videos.
  4. The mobile supports the fifth generation network, but it is not available in all Arab countries.
  5. The phone is made of high quality materials.
  6. The mobile comes with the latest versions of Apple, works with 5G technology, and gives us strong performance in games and heavy applications, and it is not consuming energy.

Disadvantages of iPhone 13 Pro Max

There are some disadvantages that the iPhone 13 Pro Max has, and they are as follows:-

  • The phone does not support installing an external memory to expand the phone’s internal memory, but the internal space is enough to download a very large amount of files.
  • The weight of the phone is heavy and there are many people who do not like to carry heavy phones.
  • The battery cannot be removed from the phone like other iPhone phones.
  • The mobile does not support playing FM radio.
  • The price of the phone will be high when the markets are high.

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