Apple iOS 15 operating system new updates | Newspaper


Apple plans to release its new iOS 15 update next week at WWDC 2021.

And the leaks about the new update indicate that there are new features, some of which are similar to the features of the Android system, including the ability to choose whether the phone emits a sound or not, depending on the user’s condition, and whether the notification alert is accompanied by a tone or not, so that the user can create several modes such as Driving, sleeping or working.

The new update is intended to include a list showing the applications that collect your iPhone data, in complement of the update to the user privacy policy in the previous version iOS 14, by displaying the data collected by each application so that you can choose to download it, citing a report by “Forbes” I reviewed “

Apple is expected to allow more options for customizing devices like Android, but it is not expected to allow app icons to be placed anywhere on the screen.

Apple’s new system may be a major overhaul of the Home screen with iPadOS 15, but it’s not yet clear if Apple will allow users to place app icons anywhere on the screen or if they will restrict them.

Reports indicate that Apple will announce improvements to the Siri voice assistant at WWDC 2021 to match current and future developments in Google Assistant, and many users also want Apple to give them some freedom by letting them choose their favorite apps for things like browsing the web or listening to music.


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