Apple gives iPhone phones important features with iOS 15


06/08 23:08

Apple took advantage of the WWDC 2021 event to reveal the most important points that will distinguish the iOS 15 system for iPhone phones.

According to Apple, the new system version will bring users many additional features, including with regard to notifications to the device, instead of distracting the user through several notifications that come to his phone, these alerts will be collected in a unified window that he can view at a time convenient for him.

iPhone phones will also get additional features for the “Do Not Disturb” service. When the user activates the “focus mode” in this service, the phone will send notifications to those who wish to message the person showing them that the user is currently busy either in the workplace, in the gym or driving the car, for example. .

And iPhone cameras with iOS 15 will get features that will help them read texts on billboards or books, and copy clips of these texts to save or send through messaging apps.

The iPhone will also improve with Memory Mixes features that will enable users to combine the photos in them to create special memorial photo clips.

These devices will also get, with the new iOS, additional features of weather applications, which will show the user more detailed maps of weather conditions.

The iOS update is supposed to reach Apple users gradually as of the fall of this year, to include various phones from the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and later categories.


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