Apple explodes a surprise and officially announces its new operating system, iOS 15


dependent company Camel The company has always launched exclusive applications for its phones and patents, which always makes it at the fore in smartphone sales. Today, the company officially announced the launch of its new operating system, iOS 15, at its WWDC21 developer conference, which is available free of charge to more than 30 million developers, from 227 regions around the world.

New features in the new iOS 15 operating system

And the website “The Verge”, which specializes in technology, has published that the iOS 15 operating system will be for iPhone and iPadOS 15 phones, and for iPad devices, it includes new ways to rearrange iPhone and iPad applications with widgets on the home screen and the application library feature, and the notes writing application has been updated. Apple notes to improve interaction with other apps with a feature, called Quick Notes, that allows users to take notes with the Apple Pencil.

Apple explodes a surprise and officially announces its new operating system, iOS 15

The new system and the feature of the Hide My Email application

The company has announced that it has created a new app called Hide My Email that gives a random email address if you want to set up a form, in addition to redirecting your surfing traffic, and if you forget your passcode, you can add people you trust Apple’s WWDC21 conference features more than 200 one-to-one developer sessions, and will provide unprecedented access to Apple engineers and designers to be able to learn about the latest tools and technologies to help them create the next generation of applications .


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