“Apple” excludes Egypt and Saudi Arabia from a new security feature


Al-Marsad newspaper: “Apple” said that the new privacy feature to hide the user’s private web browsing with Internet service providers and advertisers, will not be available in China, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The move is among the privacy protection measures the company announced at its annual Software Developers Conference on Monday, and is the latest in a years-long effort by Apple to reduce the tracking of its users by advertisers and third parties. According to the British newspaper, The Guardian,

The new feature enables web traffic to a server maintained by Apple, where a piece of information called an Internet Protocol (IP) address is removed.

Apple then sends the traffic data to a second server maintained by external operators, which sets a temporary address for the user, and in turn sends the traffic to its destination.

The company said that the use of a third party in the second step of the paging system is deliberate, to prevent even “Apple” itself from knowing the identity of the user and the website the user is visiting.


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