“Apple” enhances privacy in the new program to operate the “iPhone” phone


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San Francisco: Apple announced Monday that it is working to enhance privacy and increase features in the new iPhone operating system it will release later this year.

The giant American group opened its annual developer conference by talking about enhancements to the security, privacy and interoperability of its devices, even as the company continues to be criticized for its control of its App Store.

“All of this amazing software will be available to all of our users this fall,” CEO Tim Cook said during the opening presentation to the Worldwide Developers Conference.

“I am very excited about these new versions, which will make our products even more powerful and efficient,” he added.

Enhanced privacy features

The next version of the iOS driver, called iOS 15, will include enhanced privacy features, including an overview of how apps access smartphone cameras or microphones, as well as data such as location or phone names.

Apple added alerts about “tracking operations” in the current version of its smartphone operating system, to the chagrin of app developers such as Facebook, who indicated that this undermined the targeting of ads that support free content on the Internet.


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