Apple brings Safari extensions to iPhones and iPads


During the developer conference, Apple revealed the new privacy features provided by the company in the Safari browser, and the company also confirmed the payment of browser extensions to iPads and iPhones.

Apple confirms that users are supported in the new update of Safari with a seamless experience in managing tabs, thanks to the new design of the tab group bar and windows.

The tabs will now feature a more compact design, with the user being able to click the address bar to get more details about the active page.

Also, the tab bar will be managed between the tabs, the toolbar, and the search window in one space, and it will also suggest the color of the web page used or active for a better design.

Apple also supports the user with a more coordinated experience through active tab groups and bookmarks that are located on the left sidebar on the Mac, and it is scheduled to sync across different devices, and also share tab groups with others.

It is scheduled that Apple will provide the same experience for the tab bar in iOS 15, to appear at the bottom of the screen, where it will appear when you click and then disappear when you scroll.



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