Apple announces macOS update that launches with the title Monterey


Apple today announced the new update from macOS called “Monterey”, which supports the user to seamlessly control Mac and iPad devices at the same time via the keyboard and mouse.

macOS Monterey launches today with a new experience for sharing music and movie content via SharePlay, and the update shares some features with iOS 15.

Apple offers to update macOS Monterey with one of the most prominent new features, which is the “Universal Control” feature, which allows the use of the mouse and keyboard to control Mac and iPad devices at the same time, and it is among the features previously provided by third-party applications.

Also, Craig Federighi, during announcing the update, reviews the mechanism that powers the “Universal Control” feature, which features a seamless experience working across iPad, MacBook Pro, and iPad.

In this update, it is also possible to broadcast the iPad screen and music on computers using AirPlay on the Mac, to support the user with better integration in working on different Apple devices and also smooth cooperation between users of Apple devices.

Apple also supports the Safari browser with a new update in macOS Monterey with tabs with a thinner design, with support for the inclusion of more than one tab in one group, a feature that was introduced in iOS and iPadOS.

The new update is scheduled to feature a smoother mechanism in shortcuts, as the update comes with built-in shortcuts and also supports adding user-specific shortcuts.



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