“Anonymous” pirates threaten Elon Musk for this reason!


Because of his manipulation of cryptocurrency prices with his tweets, the international hacker group Anonymous announced that it plans to target Tesla CEO Elon Musk, pointing out that Musk has great power over the cryptocurrency markets and they are tired of his very arrogant way towards them.

This comes after Musk published an encrypted tweet that many in the world of digital assets interpreted as a break with Bitcoin. The tweet included the currency’s logo with a broken heart emoji; This caused the value of the cryptocurrency to drop by 7% during trading Friday.

For this reason, the international group sent a strong message to Musk, saying, “Millions of investors were really relying on their earnings from cryptocurrencies to improve their lives, this is something you will never understand; Because you were born surrounded by the stolen wealth in the emerald mines of South Africa and have no idea what the struggle is for most workers in the world.”

“Of course, they took a risk when they invested, and everyone is prepared for the volatility of cryptocurrencies, but your tweets this week show a clear disregard for ordinary workers, while the dreams of hard-working people are liquidated, you mock them as you sit in your ivory tower.”

The group noted that, “Over the past years, Musk has enjoyed a good reputation because he expressed his desire to live in a world with electric cars and space exploration, but he finally turned out to be nothing more than a narcissistic rich man,” describing Musk as “suffering from a superiority complex and harming individuals.” The working class in the cryptocurrency markets.”

Addressing the group, Musk said, “You prematurely crowned yourself with the Emperor of Mars, the place where you will send people to die, and issued a veiled warning that you are the smartest person you think, but now you must meet your likeness, we Anonymous, we are the horde and the army, we wait.”

Previously, the famous group managed to disable computer systems operated by large companies and was responsible for many influential attacks and hacks.


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