Angelina Jolie wrote her husband’s name on her shirt in her blood, and the reason is shocking – in pictures


The American actress was seenAngelina JolieAnd the actor’s daughterJon VoightShe leaves her ex-husband’s houseLee MillerIn Brooklyn, after having dinner with him, according to the British “Daily Mail” website.
Angelina arrived without a security escort, wearing a sandy coat and white pants, carrying a luxurious bottle of wine, and spending 3 hours with him.
Jolie married Miller after a love affair in 1996, and on her wedding day she wore black pants with a white shirt written in her husband’s name in her blood.
She said that blood expresses a willingness to sacrifice for love, and she used a surgical needle to draw blood.
“He’s my husband and I can sacrifice a little for someone special,” she told the New York Times. It is reported that the two separated after three years.


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