“Android 12” leaks reveal an exceptional feature in communications!


Leaks of the upcoming “Android 12” operating system from the American company “Google” revealed that it contains an exceptional feature in communications.

Although “Google” has not yet released its new system, “Android 12”, its new features are periodically revealed in the “beta” version, which is still being tested, according to the Russian “Sputnik” agency, citing the “GS” website. M Arena “Technical Specialist.

And the site monitored the latest feature, found in “Android 12”, which is the appearance of the duration of the current call on the status bar.

The operating system “Android 12” includes a comprehensive change in the user interface, although “Google” is still working on modifying some details that will greatly facilitate the users.And “Google” has released the beta version of “Android 12” in an experimental way on some “Google Pixel” phones, to test it with its users before it is released to all “Android” users in the world.

And this new feature works, that as soon as the user ends his phone call, “Android 12” creates a notification on the taskbar, for the duration of the call you made, and you can return to its details by simply clicking on it, to take you to the phone application quickly.

It is expected that third-party communications applications such as “Skype”, “WhatsApp”, “Viber” and other communications applications, the same feature, to show the duration of the call on the taskbar.

Source: Sputnik


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