An updated document for the rules for protecting the rights of postal service beneficiaries


The Communications and Information Technology Commission called on the public to submit their views on the “rules document protecting the rights of beneficiaries of postal services updated”.
The authority explained that these rules would protect the rights of postal service beneficiaries, improve their experience when benefiting from the services provided in the postal sector, enable an innovative and attractive environment for the postal services sector, and keep pace with the continuous changes and developments in this vital sector.
The authority called on all interested parties to report their views on the document, including postal service providers, investors in the postal sector, and all beneficiaries of postal services, via e-mail, or by sending a hard copy through the authority’s mailbox, or by hand delivery via email. By handling, providing all observations and visuals in detail supported by justifications – if any. Videos will be received until June 21, 2021.


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