An unknown rich pays $ 28 million to accompany Bezos to space


A rich man paid $28 million Saturday; In exchange for winning an auction for a ticket to participate in the first tourist trip to space, organized by the company “Blue Origin” on July 20, and its founder, Jeff Bezos, will be among them.

The winner, whose identity will be known in the coming weeks, submitted about twenty participants in the final stage of this auction, and the competition took less than ten minutes online.

The seat was put up for auction last May, and bids on Thursday amounted to $4.8 million. The final stage of the Saturday auction was launched from this price.

The winner will be accompanied by the founder of the giant “Amazon” group, the Internet commerce, and his brother Mark. As soon as the bids rose to ten million dollars, then the participants over the phone represented by the employees of the auction house “RR Auction” competed to increase the million after the million, until the price reached 28 million.

The winner will also have to pay a 6 percent commission. The proceeds from the auction will go to the Club for the Future Foundation, which is set up by Blue Origin, and aims to encourage young people to work in the science and space fields.

Jeff Bezos, who will step down in July as CEO of Amazon, announced in early June that he will be among the first manned flight into space in a “New Shepard” rocket, with his brother Mark and a third person who is the winner of the auction on the ticket

And Blue Origin’s commercial director, Ariane Cornell, said on Saturday that a fourth, unnamed space tourist, would participate in the flight.

The capsule with large windows, located at the top of the rocket, accommodates six people, and they are allocated reclining seats, designed specifically to absorb the shock of landing, according to what “Blue Origin” – a competitor – explained. The New Shepard missile takes off vertically from a desert in West Texas, and separates The capsule is about 75 kilometers high, and continues to climb past the Karman line, located at an altitude of 100 kilometers, which marks the boundary between the Earth’s atmosphere and space.

Passengers will be able to swim in zero gravity for three minutes and observe the curvature of the planet. Meanwhile, the missile is back down and also gently landing vertically on a runway.

Then the capsule begins a free-fall process to return to Earth, slowed down by three large parachutes and brake missiles before landing in the desert. The “New Shepard” rocket has carried out more than 15 unmanned experiments, and Ariane Cornell confirmed Saturday that the company is ready to “send astronauts” with it, noting that only 569 people have crossed the Karman line to date.

The trip comes amid the heated competition between Blue Origin and Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Richard Branson’s Verden Galactic. Space is a priority for Jeff Bezos and a source that is expected to generate significant income, although “Blue Auridine” currently lags behind its main competitor, “SpaceX” in the field of satellites and space missions.

Tourism would therefore provide opportunities for high incomes, the price of which was reached on the third ticket, Saturday, as an example.

This summer, Richard Branson may take part in a test flight of his Virgin Galactic vehicle, but no date has been announced for that flight. The company plans to launch its regular commercial operations in 2022, and about 600 people bought tickets to participate in its flights, at prices ranging between two hundred thousand and two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.


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