An understanding between Dubai Chamber and eBay to empower Emirati companies


Dubai: «The Gulf»

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry has signed a memorandum of understanding with the e-commerce website, eBay, in a move aimed at helping member companies of the Chamber and companies operating in the country to increase their sales volume on

Through the eBay Business UAE program, Dubai Chamber members operating in the country will receive practical training that includes a set of specially designed training courses on how to create a new digital store, expand an existing store on eBay, in addition to obtaining Get specialized support services by a team of experts and specialists from “eBay”.

Participants will also be able to access tools and solutions that help them communicate and reach more than 185 million active users on eBay in global markets, and also benefit from a specialized portal on the site that provides support and digital experiences tailored to companies in the UAE wishing to expand their business. Enhancing its global reach, through eBay, to 190 markets around the world, including the United States, Europe, Asia and others.

The additional benefits that members will get also include benefiting from personal training programs provided by eBay experts, free listing of companies, and specialized advice provided by eBay experts on establishing and developing a digital presence on the eBay store. Members of the Dubai Chamber’s trusted global electronic network, which includes a group of trusted local, regional and international companies and service providers, will benefit from a range of exclusive and additional benefits from eBay.

The memorandum of understanding also stipulates that the two parties will cooperate to organize a set of joint activities, events and workshops to enhance companies’ awareness of the advantages of selling via eBay, and how to establish a store through it.

Hassan Al Hashemi, Director of International Relations at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, stressed the importance of this partnership, which is an important development that will contribute to helping Emirati companies enhance their digital presence, expand their global reach and take advantage of new business opportunities emerging in global markets that witness an increasing demand from consumers.

Al Hashemi added, “We are pleased to join forces with a leading company in its field such as eBay, which can provide far-reaching benefits that help Emirati companies increase their online sales and achieve their e-commerce ambitions. This strategic partnership also complements the Dubai Chamber’s ongoing efforts to support the growth of Dubai’s digital economy by providing members and SMEs in particular, with access to knowledge, tools and benefits that support their prosperity and business growth beyond borders.”

In turn, Ilya Kritov, General Manager for Global Emerging Markets at eBay, said: “We are proud to collaborate with the Dubai Chamber, which represents and supports the business community and SMEs in Dubai, to help UAE sellers find new sources of income and support their business continuity during these difficult times. . During the Covid-19 period, we witnessed a growth of 28% in the number of new sellers from the UAE who joined “eBay”, as a merchant from the UAE sells one item every 90 seconds on the “eBay” platform.

Kritov added: “We consider the UAE as one of the most important target markets, and we look forward to strengthening our support for local vendors in the UAE. With 185 million sellers from all over the world, 250 million product searches per day, and more than 190 markets around the world, we at eBay provide small and medium-sized companies in the UAE the opportunity to access global markets, and we invite all companies and sellers to visit our page to learn more about how Getting started on eBay.

There are about 5,000 companies in the UAE that are currently selling their products on the eBay platform. More than 300,000 products were exported from sellers in the UAE during the year 2020. The following categories are among the most sought after on the eBay platform and include auto parts, electronics, fashion and collectibles and branded products for homes and gardens. The countries that buy most of the products listed by Emirati companies on the platform are the United States of America, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Canada and Australia.


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