An official invitation to “Al-Saher” to celebrate the Gulf Cup ceremony in Basra


Kazem El Saher – Internet

The Iraqi Minister of Youth and Sports, #adnan_darjalAn official invitation to the Iraqi singer Kazem Al-saher To celebrate the opening ceremony Gulf Cup at basra Oh the closing party.

The invitation came with an official letter sent by “Derjal” to “Caesar”, in which he said: “Your presence – meaning Al-Saher – will contribute to the success of the football tournament.”

Al-Saher has not yet responded to the invitation, either by accepting or apologizing, at a time when the Iraqi street hopes that the “Caesar” will respond to the invitation, and come to Basra, to see him for the first time after leaving the country for nearly a quarter of a century.

واختار Gulf_Union Football during a meeting held in doha, the end of last April, the city of Basra, located in the far south of Iraq, to ​​host the next Gulf Cup.

This edition will be the 25th in the history of the Gulf Cup tournaments, and it is hoped that it will be held next December in my stadiums trunk_palm And port.

It is noteworthy that Iraq had previously hosted the tournament once, which was in Baghdad in 1979, and at the time coincided with the fifth edition of the Gulf Cup, and since then it has not hosted it, until the decision to choose Basra came last.

There is a complete sports city in Basra, with two football fields, hotels, swimming pools and residential complexes. As for the Al-Mina stadium, it is a few kilometers away, and there is little left for it to complete.


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