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The Israeli Ministry of Health said it found that the small number of cases of myocarditis recorded were mostly among young people who received the vaccine German Biontech and American Pfizer The anti-Coronavirus in Israel may be linked to vaccination. On the other hand, the American company Pfizer reported that it did not notice a higher rate of this disease than is usually expected among the general population.

The ministry stated during the announcement of Study results Conducted with its mandate to investigate, 275 cases of myocarditis were reported in Israel between December 2020 and May 2021, among more than five million people who received the vaccine.

According to the study, which the ministry said three teams of experts were conducting, most patients who suffered from myocarditis spent at most four days in hospital, and 95 percent of the cases were classified as mild.

The ministry added in a statement that the study found that “there is a possible link between receiving the second dose (of the Pfizer vaccine) and the emergence of… Myocarditis Among men aged 16-30 years.” According to the results, this association was observed in men aged 16-19 more than in other age groups.

Pfizer said in a statement that it was aware of Israeli observations of cases of myocarditis, noting that there was no causal relationship between… This disease and its vaccine. The company added that it is carefully reviewing the negative effects of its vaccine. Representatives from Pfizer meet regularly with representatives from the Vaccine Safety Department of the Israeli Ministry of Health to review the data.

Biontech says that more than 300 million doses of the vaccine have been administered worldwide and that the assessment of risks and benefits is still in favor of the vaccine.
The company said a careful assessment of the reports is still ongoing and has not been completed.

Israel had refrained from making the age group from 12 to 15 eligible to receive the vaccine, pending the report of the Ministry of Health. A senior official said that in parallel with the publication of the results of this study, a committee of the ministry approved the vaccination of adolescents.

“The committee gave the green light to vaccinate the age group from 12 to 15 years, and that will be available as of next week,” Nachman Ash, coordinator of efforts to combat the epidemic in Israel, told Radio 103 FM. “The effectiveness of vaccination outweighs its risks,” he added.

An advisory group from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last month recommended further studies into a possible link between myocarditis and vaccines. Pfizer-Biontech and Moderna.

The US Centers for Disease Control’s follow-up systems have not found more cases than expected in the population, but the advisory group said in a statement that its members saw the need to report the “potential negative impact” to health care providers.

With COVID-19 infections dropping to very few per day and the total active cases standing at just 340, Israel has fully opened its economy while restrictions on inbound tourism remain.

The authorities there have already vaccinated about 55 percent of the population. On Tuesday, restrictions on social distancing and the need for special vaccination cards to enter certain restaurants and places were lifted.

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