An initiative to support the mental health of frontline workers


Abu Dhabi: «The Gulf»

The Emirates Foundation and BP have signed an agreement to support the “Psychological Support Line” initiative, to enhance the mental health of frontline workers, in cooperation with the National Program for Happiness and Quality of Life of the Ministry of Community Development, the “Pride of the Nation” office, and the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company “SEHA.” Abu Dhabi Center for Public Health.

The agreement, which was signed via video call, and attended by representatives of the relevant institutions, will provide funding for the psychological support line, as it aims to enhance the effectiveness of the line, in cooperation to exchange knowledge and experiences in social responsibility, and enhance the usefulness of the psychological support line (800 HOPE), which provides its services daily from eight In the morning until eight in the evening, in Arabic and English. Users can also communicate through the WhatsApp application.

The psychological support line has received more than 1900 calls since its launch during the year 2020 until now. The initiative provides valuable psychological first aid to citizens and residents working on the front lines in the United Arab Emirates, through more than 50 specially trained volunteers, and links them to the field of mental health.

Hessa Tahlak, Assistant Undersecretary for Social Development Affairs at the Ministry, the official spokeswoman for the “Emirates Volunteers” campaign, stressed the importance of the initiative in supporting everyone, from a psychological point of view, because of the importance of this aspect specifically during the pandemic and beyond, given the extent of pressures that an individual may be exposed to in cases that require standing to and provide him with psychological and moral support.

While Muhanna Al Muhairi, Executive Director of Operations at the Emirates Foundation, said: “The concluded agreement gives a strong impetus to the current support mechanisms for health workers and others facing the challenges caused by the pandemic. The toll-free support line (800 HOPE) is designed to give people access to psychological first aid with complete confidentiality.”

Salem Ben Achour, BP Vice President, said: “Mental health is about the way we think, feel, and act, and by developing initiatives that create sound ways to manage our thoughts and feelings, we will be able to motivate our ability to act positively to do the best we can, just like physical health.”


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