An exciting look by “Rania Youssef” in her latest appearance on “Instagram”


published Actress Rania YoussefA new set of photos of her on her personal page, on the social networking site, to share photos and videos.Instagram“.

Rania Youssef appeared, wearing a simple and simple dress in red, and wore a golden waist tie, while she did not exaggerate in wearing accessories, and was keen to appear with her black hair hanging over her shoulders..

The artist, Rania Youssef, announced the start of filming the fourth part of the series “Miss Farah”, by commenting on the pictures that she published..

The series “Miss Farah” was a great success with its three parts, and it is taken from an American format for the series. «Jane The Virgin», which was introduced in 2014..

The events of “Miss Farah” revolve around the girl Farah, who is artificially inseminated by mistake, and by chance the vaccination is for the owner of the hotel in which she works, and at the same time she is engaged to another person, and events develop with both of them during the episodes, and the producer decided to make more than one part of it because of The great success, and the high viewership of the series, since the first part was released.

The series “Miss Farah” starring Rania Youssef, Asmaa Abu Al-Yazid, Ahmed Magdy, Muhammad Kilani, Tamer Farag, Basant Al-Nabarawi, Heba Abdel Aziz, Arefa Abdel-Rasoul, Gilan Alaa, from the script and dialogue by Mahmoud Ezzat and Amr Medhat, directed by Wael Farag, While the third part witnesses the joining of some artists, including the artist Mohamed Al-Amrousy, and the child Adam Wahdan, in addition to a number of guests of honor..


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