An emergency in the Spain national team .. The reason is captain Busquets


Spain captain Sergio Busquets has left the training camp for his country in preparation for the European Cup 2020, five days before the start of the continental finals, according to what his country’s federation announced.

The statement issued by the Spanish Federation stated that the result of the Barcelona player’s smear was positive, while the results of all other players were negative, indicating that those who were in contact with him “will remain in isolation” as a precautionary measure.

Busquets will remain in quarantine for six days, according to the protocols of the European Football Association (UEFA) and the Spanish government.

The statement continued, “Appropriate sporting measures will be evaluated according to the situation of the national team captain.”

And the Spanish newspaper “AS” reported that the administration fears that Busquets has transmitted the infection to his colleagues.

Spain plays its first match against Sweden on Monday, and coach Luis Enrique has until Saturday to make changes to the squad before the match in Seville.

It is worth noting that Busquets, who received the captain’s armband after excluding Sergio Ramos from the squad, played more than 120 international matches with the Spain national team and crowned him with the 2012 European Cup and the 2010 World Cup.

With Barcelona, ​​he won the Spanish League title eight times, the European Champions League on three occasions, in addition to other titles.

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