An “eighty” suffers from “hypermemorial syndrome” .. know the details


Mohamed Al-Falah – Tuesday 15 June 2021

Italian researchers interested in the memory file have discovered an Italian who effortlessly remembers everything and has the characteristics of those who have the ability to remember details of facts they lived through throughout their lives.

In fact, this pathology is known as “extremely strong autobiographical memory” or “hypermemorial syndrome.”

What is particularly remarkable about this discovery is that the Italian, who turned out to be eighty years old, remembers every little thing in his life since his childhood.

The majority of those who applied this condition were under the age of sixty, knowing that people usually gradually lose the ability to memorize facts and information recorded in the brain for a long time, starting from the age of sixty-five.

It is estimated that only 100 people have a very strong memory in the world today, according to “Monte Carlo”. In 2016, their number did not exceed 61 people, including the American actress Marilu Henner, born in 1952, whose news is closely followed by researchers interested in the topic of very powerful autobiographical memory, because she has actually managed to turn her illness from a curse into a blessing.

She has managed to successfully play the roles of people who almost forget everything in their lives, including some events that happened only a few hours ago.

She was able to take on these roles remembering everything in her life without it bothering her. She was asked to play the roles of people who have this characteristic, which is so far considered satisfactory, in a number of films and TV series, and she performed them perfectly and effortlessly, and she often entertained while playing such roles, which reflected positively on her psychological and physical health.

In fact, all the research conducted so far on the “hypermemorial syndrome” has not led to the real reasons that allow these people to retain the details of their life path and what their memories record of events and facts to which they are not a party.

Whenever they find a person with this condition, the opportunity opens up for them to obtain more accurate information to answer several questions, including the following:

To what extent do genetic factors cause this condition?

What are the factors that allow those who suffer from it to adapt and deal with it as an element that contributes to making those with very strong memory live a balanced life, not a life tainted by stress?

How does research related to this topic, directly or indirectly, help find treatments for memory impairment and other diseases?


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