An attack on the facilities of the Minister of Health!


Caretaker Health Minister Hamad Hassan revealed, in a television interview, that his personal companion was assaulted by some people in the Naameh area, “and he is currently in the hospital in order to receive treatment, and the security and judicial agencies must carry out the necessary investigations,” noting that “Historically, everyone knows about the existence of money cartels and medical and health supplies. This is a historical matter and everyone is talking about the matter. Here, I want to point out that some politicians worked on this file, but unfortunately they did not reach the honor of confrontation.”

According to press information, the assailants are from the bandits in Al-Naameh, and he was attacked while he was on his way to the participation of the Minister of Health in the raid on a drug store.

Hassan stressed that “people do not currently want a description of reality, they are tired of this issue and want to go to solutions, and we are on our way and our path, we have been able to overcome the Corona virus, and the strength is currently located in confrontation, not resignation and i’tikaf, especially since the conditions of the country are very different from the days of the past, Today we entered the battlefield of conflicts in light of the health of the citizens, because those who were assigned to be the godfather of health guardianship over the country from pharmaceutical companies and money owners were investing in profit only, but today this investment may be a loser and everyone must bear the responsibility, because in the end Ultimately, medicine is a red line in life.

Hassan indicated that “the varying and conflicting data from the Banque du Liban about the possibility of lifting subsidies, made importing companies stop or reduce the delivery of medicines and medical supplies, in addition to imposing new policies on hospitals, and the citizen is always the weakest link, as he was the one who was paying the high price as a result of the policies.” Noting that “some companies have large quantities of medicines and supplies in their stores, and traders are waiting for the zero point to raise the payment in order to sell them at the dollar exchange rate on the black market, and 80% of the goods that were revealed today are covered by support, and the security forces are the ones who support us in the raids that we are carrying out.” Contrary to what some officials in Lebanon have said.

Hassan confirmed that “the Ministry of Health carried out an inventory and tour of 36 warehouses, three of them in the southern suburbs, and that the raids and follow-up operations are continuing, and as long as the problem persists, we will follow up on this issue,” noting that “the supplies that were seized in the Al-Bushrieh Dam will definitely reach the citizen because they are covered by support and will be returned Consider the pricing policy, and I will apply to laboratory reagents and medical supplies a pricing policy similar to the drug policy.”

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