An asteroid will pass near Earth next Sunday



An asteroid will pass near Earth next Sunday

Belongs to the family of Apollo
Citizen – Mohammed Daoud – Jeddah

On Sunday, June 13, 2021, the globe will witness the crossing of a newly discovered small asteroid called 2021 LO2 with a diameter of nine meters at a distance of 0.58 lunar distances or 221,404 kilometers and it is moving at a speed of 8.7 kilometers per second at 07:16 pm Saudi time, and it is not on a collision course with our planet.

An asteroid passing very fast:

The head of the Jeddah Astronomical Society, Majed Abu Zahira, explained that the asteroid 2021 LO2 was discovered at the Mount Lemon Observatory in Arizona on June 8, just five days before its approach, and it belongs to a family of asteroids called Apollo, a group of rocks with a diameter between 6.6 and 16 meters, It is also on the list of near-Earth objects and it includes any asteroid whose orbit intersects with the orbit of the Earth, as it is considered a great achievement to find these small nearby asteroids because they pass very quickly, and there is usually a short window of a few days before or after the close approach when this asteroid is The little one is close to the ground to be bright enough.

Asteroids do not affect humans:

He pointed out that these asteroids are closely monitored thanks to careful observation and celestial mechanical calculations, as their orbit is usually known with a high level of accuracy, and based on the latest high-precision orbital calculations, it has been confirmed that the approach of the asteroid 2021 LO2 on Sunday is the closest within the next ten years, although Asteroid 2021 LO2 is on a collision course with Earth, and it will disintegrate above the Earth’s atmosphere in the form of a fireball, and will not have an impact on the safety of Earth’s inhabitants.

The nature of the composition of asteroids:

Abu Zahira concluded by saying, such opportunities are used to learn more about asteroids, such as the nature of their formation. These objects are like a time machine from the remnants of our solar system that retain many of the secrets of that era, and they can tell us more about the origin of our planet, in addition to observing the movement of the asteroid is an opportunity Excellent for testing international capabilities to detect and track near-Earth objects, and to assess our ability to respond together to any real threat to any asteroid in the future, and this known asteroid number 64 that passes near Earth within one lunar distance or 384,401 km since the beginning of the year and the third within a month June so far.
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