An artist asks for prayers for his daughter in front of the operating room (photo)


The artist Amr Wahba, through the feature of the comics attached to his account on “Instagram”, published a picture of the operating room in a hospital, revealing that his daughter had undergone surgery. Wahba commented on the photo, saying: “Your invitations this time are for Miss Ghalia…a process, God willing, so it remains simple… May God ease her and preserve her and preserve all children.”

Amr Wahba had revealed the name of his new baby girl, “Ghalia”, which sparked a state of widespread controversy, as it prompted some of his followers to question the secret of his choice of this name.

It is noteworthy that Amr Wahba’s latest work was the series “In Our Home is a Robot”, in which he embodied the character of the robot, delicious, and co-starred with: Shaima Seif, Laila Ahmed Zaher and Hisham Gamal in his first dramatic experience.


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