An application that displays luxury real estate in the UAE through famous “Social Media” – technology – mobile phones


La Bosch from Dubai launched the first real estate online application in the UAE that brings together real estate developers, buyers and advertisers on one platform, noting that the new application is characterized by the presentation of luxury and non-traditional properties.

In a statement issued by the company, the company’s chairman, Dr. Muhammad Al-Nahhas, said that the “Insta Estate” application is an integrated smart system based on innovative technology that helps provide users with all the details related to the real estate market in the UAE, and provides the best services for both Sellers, buyers and those wishing to advertise their properties.

He added: “Our goal, through the new application, is to make it easier for those interested in the real estate industry to complete their work, and to contribute to supporting the real estate market in the country, by bringing together all parties concerned with development, sale and buyers through a single electronic platform.”

In turn, the CEO of “Labush”, Mohab Othman, said, “The most distinctive feature of the application is the presentation method, as we relied on providing all the information through the famous (Social Media), which allows users to search in a wide and varied database of real estate in an easy way. Distinguished.”




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