Amy Samir Ghanem with a touching message to her late father – in the photo


The Egyptian actress expressed Amy رتSamir GhanemAbout her love and longing for her fatherThe late actor Samir GhanemShe posted on her private page a picture of him and commented on it by saying: “Oh my love, I love you, the best man in the world. May God have mercy on you, my father, and you will be in heaven, God willing.”
And she continued: “Ali your kindness and white heart, may God forgive you, reassure you and be happy and comfortable as you have always made us happy, and your age did not upset anyone, even the one who came to you, you were tolerant of him at the time and your age, you never spoke to anyone in his wild way, never.”
And she added, “Always, they are all those around you, and even those who work with you, one and the same. They know the beauty of your personality and your kindness. I and Donia Omar did not shout at Lina and did not speak to us in a way of fear, even when we were children (a good man, good, good, oh) Lord, I will see you again.”


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