Amy Samir Ghanem and touching words: He never yelled at Lina, I hope I see him again!


The Egyptian artist, Amy_Samir_Ghanem, cannot overcome her grief after the departure of her father, the Egyptian artist Samir_Ghanem, and is in shock over his departure.

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Amy called her father again with touching words and said:

(Oh my love, I love you, the best man in the world
May God have mercy on you, my father, and you will be in heaven, God willing
Ali has been kind to you and your white heart, may God forgive you, and reassure you, and you will be happy and comfortable as you have always made us happy and your life has not upset anyone, even the one who came to you, you would forgive him at the time and your age, you never spoke to anyone in a brutal way, never, ever, and always They are all around you, even those who work with you, one by one, knowing the beauty of your personality and your kindness).

She continued: (Dunia and I, his age, did not yell at us or speak to us in a way of fear, even when we were children (a good man, good, very good). Oh God, I will see you again.. And the truth, so forgive him and have mercy on him, for you are the Oft-Forgiving, the Most Merciful.

Amy is very attached to her father, but she loves him, and in all his previous encounters, she mentioned him over and over again, which indicates the extent of her emotional attachment to him.

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When he died, she collapsed, but she held on like her sister Donia, in order to stay by the side of their able mother, Dalal_Abdul_Aziz, who is currently suffering from complications from the Corona virus and has not yet known the news of the death of her beloved, Mr. Samir.

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Amy taught us several lessons, the most important of which are:

  • Whenever our dearest person passes away, we have to be strong in order to continue living by remembering him, praying for him, and reminding others of him.
  • Patience enables us to overcome the most difficult pains.
  • Inner faith makes us challenge ourselves and refuse to lose it, no matter how big our loss.
  • Love does not end with the departure of the beloved, but grows in his absence.

Like her sister Donia, as well as Amy, they both faced the trauma of a lifetime with a valor that amazed us.

Both deserve our respect and appreciation for them.


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