Amira Al-Nasser surprised everyone with the decision to wear the niqab because of this dream


Monday, 06-14-2021
11:19 AM

The famous Saudi social networking sites, “Amira Al-Nasser”, shared her followers with a new video clip, in which she appeared wearing the niqab for the first time, accompanied by her husband, Mishaal Al-Khalidi.
Al-Nasser confirmed that she will never give up her niqab, and will adhere to it during the coming period. Where she said in the video, which she posted on the “Tik Tok” application: “My brother, may God have mercy on him, came to me in a dream, and I was walking with him while I covered my face, so I decided to wear the niqab and be covered.”
Her husband, Mishaal Al-Khalidi, replied: “I mean, what are you going to take off?” She replied, “No, I will never take him off or leave him.”


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