Amira Al-Nasser makes a fuss about what she did with her husband, Mishaal Al-Khalidi, in the market.. in the video


The social media starPrincess of NasserAn uproar, after she appeared in a video clip kissing her husband, the social media starMishaal Al-Khalidi​, who challenged her to kiss him in front of people, in one of the malls.
In a video clip, Al-Khalidi was present with his wife, in a market, while the clip revealed the presence of some people who frequent the market.
Al-Khalidi asked his wife to accept him, and the latter did not object, and she carried out her husband’s request and gave him a kiss on the cheek, quickly, amid the joy of her husband, who kept smiling.
A hashtag entitled “Princess Al-Nasser accepts her husband in the market” spread, while she and her husband were subjected to harsh criticism and attacks by followers because of the kiss video.


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