Amira Al-Nasser breaks down in tears after she and her husband were involved in a traffic accident (video)


date of publication:
Jun 10, 2021 19:29 GMT

Update date: Jun 10, 2021 20:05 GMT

The star of “Social Media”, Saudi Princess Amira Al-Nasser, posted a video clip through her account on the “Snapchat” application, in which she appeared in tears because of her and her husband’s accident.

Social networking sites were buzzing with the video clip, which showed Amira Al-Nasser crying, stressing that everyone inside the car escaped death, but the car was completely destroyed.

Amira Al-Nasser said in the video, “Praise be to God, we had an accident and got out safely, but the car was gone. The car was dead,” then she fell into a fit of tears.

Her husband, the social media star, the Saudi Mishaal Al-Khalidi, rushed to comfort and calm her, then said, “Praise be to God, she has come in iron, we do not have money compensated.”

After that, Amira Al-Nasser wrote a letter in which she apologized for not responding to messages and followers because of her tiredness from the accident, in addition to that she devoted the day to taking care of her famous son, because she was afraid of what happened.

A state of controversy prevailed among the public because of this clip, as some questioned the entire story of the incident and many activists did not believe it, considering that Amira Al-Nasser and Mishaal Al-Khalidi used to make pranks and stir controversy.

On the other hand, some sympathized with what was stated in the video.

Rana tweeted on her Twitter page, “Princess Al-Nasser settled an accident and cried over the car, after they all looked fine! She worships excitement, and her clothes come true, and he writes the tweet, but the important question is, if her husband dies, will you cry the same crying?”

Shawq Al-Harbi wrote, “Amira Al-Nasser and her husband are crying over the car, they do not know that my brother is gone and the car is gone, may God have mercy on him.”

And Muhammad Abdul Rahman Al-Zindi, said in a tweet that “# Mishaal_and Princess,# Mishaal_al-Khalidi and,# Princess_Nasser, there are no pictures of the accident and no picture of a report on the accident, only acting and crying in order for someone to buy them a car and at the same time increase the number of followers.”

Shuail Al-Otaibi commented, in a tweet, “# Mashaal_Accident and the Princess of Amira Al-Nasser’s collapse after their Mercedes car accident.. God’s destiny and what he did in iron and not for you, iron is compensated, God bless you.. Hadid and saw iron compensate.”


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