Amid fears of side effects, Spain’s national team players are vaccinated against Corona (video)


date of publication:
Jun 11, 2021 14:43 GMT

Update date: Jun 11, 2021 16:15 GMT

The players of the Spanish first football team received the vaccination against the emerging virus, the highly contagious and spreading virus, today, Friday, at the training center, ending a long controversy amid fears of side effects on the team before it begins its European Cup 2020 campaign against Sweden next Monday.

The Spanish national team issued a statement saying that the team’s players and technical staff had received the vaccination by members of the Spanish armed forces, after agreeing with the government to vaccinate the team, in the wake of an intense debate about the right of the players and technical staff to receive the vaccination without waiting for their turn and bypassing others.

Spain’s preparations for the tournament ran into some trouble after captain Sergio Busquets tested positive for the virus last Sunday, forcing the team to train in an isolated environment to reduce the risk of infection.

The result of the examination of defender Diego Llorente was also positive, and he is scheduled to return to the squad again after his results were negative and he will be subject to further tests.

After receiving the vaccine, Diego Alcantara, the national team player, told a news conference today, Friday: “We know that it is a sensitive topic, but things have gone well. We were lucky and happy to have the opportunity to receive the vaccine.”

The midfielder added: “We had to receive the vaccination now because of our current situation, and we have to admit that the match will take place after only three days, and although we received the vaccine is good news, we hope that we will not experience any side effects before the match.”

Spain coach Luis Enrique expressed his desire to vaccinate the team’s players, and at the same time expressed his concern about the possibility that the vaccination might have side effects, prior to playing the scheduled match in Seville.

And the Continental Confederation’s regulations regarding the European Cup stipulate that it is possible to play any match, as the coach had “at least 13 players, including a goalkeeper,” out of the 26-man squad for the finals.

Spain is in Group E in “Euro 2020” with the teams: Sweden, Poland and Slovakia.


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